Terminal with Printer

S90 Mobile Payment Terminal

  • PCI PTS and EMV L1 and L2 Certified
  • —Elegant and ergonomic design
  • —8 MB FLASH , 16 MB SDRAM
  • —GPRS or CDMA (Verizon)
  • —Powerful transceiver to capture weak radio signal for reliable transactions
  • —High-speed thermal printer
  • —Four (4) ATM-style side keys
  • —Built-in PIN Pad with dust/spill proof keypad
  • —Multi-application support
  • —Large capacity battery, Li‐ion battery, 1800mAh, 7.4V, Over 40 hours of standby time
—PN – S90-SG0-031-01EA


S80 Countertop Payment Terminal  

  • —PCI PTS and EMV L1 and L2 Certified
  • —8 MB FLASH , 16 MB SDRAM
  • —Four ATM-style side keys
  • —Communication Modules
  • —Ethernet (IP)
  • —Dial (PSTN Modem)
  • —Multi-application support
  • —Ports: 2 RS232, 1 PIN Pad, 1 Phone, 1 USB
  • PN – S80-EML0


MT30 Multi-Lane Terminal 

  • PCI PTS and EMV L1 and L2 Certified
  • —Powerful 32-bit, MIPS CPU
  • —4.3 inch, 480×272 pixel color TFT LCD, touch screen with stylus and reliable signature capture capability
  • —Contactless Options
  • —RS232, USB, Ethernet (IP)
  • —Optional Power of Ethernet (PoE)
  • —Secure PIN pad with privacy shield
  • —Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided for free with a signed NDA with PAX



Software (Internet Real-Time)

Available in Windows, Mac, & DOS

  • Process all Transactions via your computer
  • Address verification system (AVS)
  • 500 sales to a batch
  • Able to run sales and deposit reports and export from data base.                              


ATM Pin Pads

Same as Cash or an Electronic Check

  • No Charge Backs
  • Guaranteed Funds
  • Costs Less Than a Credit Card Transaction
  • Cash Back Option Available


  • —SP20 Secure PIN Pad
  • PCI PTS Certified
  • —Powerful 32-bit CPU
  • —Elegantly designed privacy shield
  • —3DES Encryption
  • —Three function keys
  • —User friendly key pad
  • —Easy to read backlit display
  • —PP1000SE Compatible
  • —Now preferred by leading ISO’s
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